Rule 63 – Race – definition, & particulars, terms, conditions of

The term Race shall normally mean a simultaneous contest between a maximum of eight Greyhounds on a GBGB Licensed Racecourse, over a distance of not less than 200 metres and not more than 1105 metres. The term Race may also be used to describe an event consisting of a series of Races as defined above, […]

Rule 64 – Categories and types of Race

i)  The different categories of Races shall be as follows; a)  An Open Race shall be a Race or series of Races, the particulars of which are advertised in the GBGB Calendar under Rule 81, and for which entries are normally received for Greyhounds in the charge of any Trainer, but the conditions of an […]

Rule 65 – Definition of Reserves and Withdrawals

A Reserve shall be a Greyhound held in reserve possibly to replace a Withdrawal in Races as permitted under Rule 67. A Withdrawal shall be a Greyhound withdrawn from: i)  an Open Race after the time of closing, or ii)  from a Match or Private Sweepstakes after the time of its approval by the GBGB, […]

Rule 66 – Alterations to Races

Provided that the Racecard incorporates such alterations, the Racing Manager may up to the time of transmission of the final or only version of the programme under Rule 194(ii), substitute Greyhounds or alter Handicaps after publication of the original programme in Graded Races or Intertrack Races, and a Greyhound so replaced or substituted shall not […]

Rule 67 – Eligible Reserves

(see also Rule 146) One or more Reserves may be nominated by the Racing Manager, for any Graded Race, Intertrack Race, or the first or only round of an Open Race. Except under Rule 90, a Reserve for an Open Race shall be subject to Rule 79(ii). No seeded Wide Runner may be placed on […]

Rule 68 – Treatment of Reserves

A Reserve shall be treated in every respect as if it were due to run in the Race until it is known that it will not be called upon to run. A Reserve which is not available to run when called upon to do so shall be subject to all Rules relating to Withdrawals. The […]

Rule 69A – Withdrawals – causes of

A Withdrawal shall be decided as such by the Local Stewards either: i)  where required or authorised elsewhere in these Rules, or ii)  where made necessary by circumstances, or if a)  a Veterinary Surgeon’s certificate is produced stating that the Greyhound is unfit to run, giving precise details of the indisposition, the time and place […]

Rule 69B – Withdrawal – fees in respect of, not eligible for delayed Race

Any Entry Fee and other contribution in respect of a Race shall still be due in respect of a Withdrawal, except where otherwise stipulated in the terms of a Match or Private Sweepstakes, or except when such Withdrawal is replaced by a Reserve. A Withdrawal from a particular Race at its advertised time and date […]

Rule 70 – Trap Number – definition

The term Trap Number shall mean the number drawn for or allocated to a Greyhound, corresponding to the number subsequently shown against it on the Racecard in the case of a Race, and to the number on the Racing Jacket worn by it for the Race or Trial concerned.

Rule 71 – Starting position of Trap Numbers

Except by permission of the Greyhound Regulatory Board or the Director of Regulation acting under its authority a Greyhound drawing or allocated Trap Number 1 shall start from the Starting Trap or compartment of a Starting Trap nearest to the inner rail/fence, the runners starting in numerical order of Trap Numbers outwards across the course, […]

Rule 72 – Trap Numbers for Handicaps – starting position, & draw for

In a Handicap Trial or Race the Greyhound(s) handicapped nearest to Scratch shall start from the Starting Trap(s) or compartment(s) nearest to the side of the course on which the hare passes the start, the runners starting in ascending order of Handicap allotment as described in Rule 64(i)(g) across the course from that side. Where […]

Rule 73 – Vacant traps – starting positions

In the case of there being less than the advertised number of runners in a Trial or Race for any reason, the runners shall start from the same positions on the course according to their Trap Numbers, subject to Rule 75, as they would if the vacant Trap Numbers were occupied.

Rule 74 – Reserves – Trap Numbers, order of inclusion

In the case of one or more Withdrawals from a Race, and subject to Rule 67 and Rule 146, Reserve(s) in the order of inclusion, which order may be at the option of the Racing Manager unless the Reserves are designated, shall be allocated the vacated Trap Numbers in the order of their becoming vacant, […]

Rule 75 – Starting position of Reserves, and Parade order

A Reserve permitted under Rule 67 to run shall start from the same position relative to the other runners as the Withdrawal it replaces would have done, across the course, except that; If, in a Handicap Race, a Reserve which is allotted a different Handicap from that of a Withdrawal replaces the latter so that […]

Rule 76 – Eliminating round draw, & general allocation of/draw for Trap Numbers

i)  Unless specified otherwise in the conditions of an Open Race with the approval of the Greyhound Regulatory Board, the separation of Greyhounds into the individual Races in any eliminating round thereof shall be by draw, subject to guarding under Rule 87. ii)  The Trap Numbers of runners in an Open Race and the Trap […]

Rule 77 – Allocation of vacant Traps

Where there are fewer runners than the specified number for any Race that is not part of an eliminating round, the Racing Manager shall decide which trap(s) shall be left vacant; except that if the depletion of runners is due to the provision of Rule 91, or a Greyhound being withdrawn, the Trap Number(s) to […]

Rule 78 – Wide, Middle and Railer – definitions

i)  A Greyhound classified as a seeded Wide Runner in a Graded Race or originally so classified in an Open Race under Rule 79(ii), indicated on the Racecard and published programme by a ‘W’ against its name or against the Trap Number it occupies, shall be a Greyhound which in the opinion of the Racing […]

Rule 79 – Classification of Wide and Middle Runners in Graded and Open Races

i)  The Racing Manager may classify a Greyhound in a Graded Race as a Wide or Middle Runner. An Owner may object to the Local Stewards to such classification for the purposes of further Races and they shall decide the matter ii)  An Owner, Trainer or Authorised Agent, when making an entry for an Open […]

Rule 80 – Draw procedure

A draw under Rule 76 for Graded Races shall be made either in public or in the presence of independent witnesses. The draw under Rule 76 for an Open Race shall be made either in public or by the GBGB. Owners shall be entitled to be informed of the time and place of the draw […]

Rule 81 – Advertised particulars of Open Races in GBGB Calendar

Particulars of an Open Race shall be advertised by the Racecourse Executive in an issue of the GBGB Calendar so as to allow at least 7 Days between such issue and the date of closing of the Race or the date of making the first entry when the particulars or conditions specify more than one […]

Rule 82 – Standard Conditions of Entry for Open Races

The following Standard Conditions of Entry for Open Races shall apply to all Open Races except as amended when the Race is advertised under Rule 81, and reference to them by title as above shall imply reference in full: i)  Entries shall either be made on an entry form obtainable from the Racecourse Executive completed […]

Rule 83 – International Entry for Open Race – Definition and conditions

A Greyhound trained in a country other than England, Scotland or Wales shall be eligible to run in an Open Race in which the first prize is at least £500, or such other higher sum as may be determined by the Greyhound Regulatory Board and published in the GBGB Calendar from time to time, provided […]

Rule 84 – Notice of Greyhound competing in Ireland

Notice of at least seven Days in advance of the Irish Race, of a Greyhound in the charge of a Licensed Trainer competing in Ireland, shall be forwarded by the Licensed Trainer to the GBGB Director of Regulation, detailing :- i)  the name of the Greyhound, ii)  the name of the Trainer and/or Kennelhand accompanying […]

Rule 85 – (currently unused)

Rule 86 – Double Conflicting Entry

A Greyhound engaged in two unrelated Races advertised to take place on the same Day shall be disqualified for both Races and any Entry Fees shall be forfeited. Where the rescheduled running of a postponed Race causes a Double Conflicting Entry a Greyhound shall be withdrawn from one of the Races and may run in […]

Rule 87 – Guarding

Except as provided by Rule 90, two or more Greyhounds entered for a Race with eliminating rounds, or which is to be divided, shall be guarded for the first round only of a race with eliminating rounds and in any division whether drawn or otherwise, so that as far as possible they do not meet […]

Rule 88 – Death of Owner of Greyhound in Match or Private Sweepstakes

If any Owner of a Greyhound engaged in a Match or Private Sweepstakes dies before the Race is due to be run, the Race shall be cancelled.

Rule 89 – Death of Owner of Greyhound in other types of Race

If any Owner of a Greyhound engaged in any Race other than a Match or Private Sweepstakes dies before the Race is due to be run, the Greyhound shall be withdrawn, unless it is specifically requested by the next of kin and/or the executors of the late Owner that the Greyhound be allowed to be […]

Rule 90 – Dead-heat for qualifying place

When two or more Greyhounds dead heat for a place in an eliminating round for a Race, which qualifies a lesser number of them for the next round, the Local Stewards shall decide by lot which Greyhound(s) shall go forward. The loser(s) of the lottery shall be allowed to stand as Reserve(s) for the ensuing round, […]

Rule 91 – Disqualification from qualifying place

i)  If a Greyhound is disqualified for any reason, in or after an eliminating round of a Race in which it finishes in an outright qualifying place, Rule 95 and Rule 140 shall apply but no other Greyhound shall become qualified for the next round as a result of such disqualification. Rule 77 shall apply […]