Rule 1 – General Definitions

Wherever the following terms or abbreviations appear, they shall have the following meanings and effect:

i)  The GBGB shall mean The Greyhound Board of Great Britain Limited. The Greyhound Regulatory Board shall mean the Greyhound Regulatory Board of the GBGB. The Stewards shall mean the Disciplinary Committee of the GBGB. References to the GBGB may be made when the GBGB is acting on behalf of the Greyhound Regulatory Board or the Disciplinary Committee.

ii)  The GBGB Calendar shall be an official publication of the GBGB issued under the title ‘GBGB Calendar.’

iii)  ‘registered’, ‘unregistered’, ‘registration’, ‘licensed’, ‘unlicensed’ and all related terms, shall unless otherwise stated, refer to registration or licensing by the GBGB acting by the Greyhound Regulatory Board.

iv)  A ‘Day’ shall mean 24 hours from midnight

v)  ‘Month’ shall mean calendar Month

vi)  When the last Day stated for compliance under these Rules falls on a Sunday it may be done on the following Monday, unless a Race to which such act relates is appointed for that Day, in which case it shall be done on the previous Saturday.

vii)  Wherever under these Rules notice is required to be given to any person other than the GBGB or any officer, servant, Licensed Official or agent thereof, notice shall be conclusively deemed to have been duly given if sent by pre-paid post to the last-known address of that person.
Where no address is known, notice shall be given by means of an advertisement being placed in one or more national newspapers as the GBGB shall decide and such notice shall be conclusively deemed to have been duly given.

viii)  ‘Person’ or ‘persons’ shall be deemed, where the context so requires, to include a body corporate or partnership.

ix)  The term ‘Disciplinary Authority’ of the Greyhound Regulatory Board shall include;

a)  Stipendiary Steward,

b)  Stipendiary Stewards where there is a requirement for more than one Stipendiary Steward to hear a Local Inquiry,

c)  Director of Regulation,

d)  The Disciplinary Committee,

e)  The Appeal Board