Rule 83 – International Entry for Open Race – Definition and conditions

A Greyhound trained in a country other than England, Scotland or Wales shall be eligible to run in an Open Race in which the first prize is at least £500, or such other higher sum as may be determined by the Greyhound Regulatory Board and published in the GBGB Calendar from time to time, provided that it complies with the conditions shown below, and in this case, if entered, it shall be termed an International Entry for an Open Race.

International Entries for category one competitions only, will be allowed to enter trial stakes for that competition with prize money less than £500.

A Racing Manager receiving such an entry shall immediately inform the GBGB, who shall obtain the necessary authority for the Greyhound to run from the appropriate recognised Greyhound authorities. The following Standard Conditions for an International Entry for an Open Race shall apply to all Open Races mentioned above if referred to accordingly in the advertisement for such Race under Rule 81; reference to them by title as above shall imply reference in full.

i)  The Racing Manager, who shall be in possession of the current racing form, may accept an International Entry subject to the Greyhound having completed at least 1 satisfactory Race or Trial at a GBGB Licensed Racecourse or in Ireland within 28 Days of the Race.

ii)  The Greyhound shall continue from the time of entry until after the Race to be trained by and in the continuous charge of its Trainer or Permit Holder and/or Kennelhand licensed by the Irish Greyhound Authorities (Bord Na gCon, Irish Coursing Club) or other recognised Greyhound Authority. Such Licence, incorporating a photograph of the licensee, or photo identification (e.g. Passport or Driving Licence), and the Greyhound’s Irish Identity Card, or similar documents issued by other recognised Greyhound authorities, shall be submitted to the Racing Manager before each Trial and Race.

iii)  While in England, Scotland or Wales during the period from the time of entry until after the Race, the Greyhound shall be housed in Kennels licensed and nominated by the GBGB, and qualified veterinary supervision shall be provided by a Veterinary Surgeon licensed and nominated by the GBGB.

iv)  A Veterinary Surgeon’s certificate showing that the Greyhound has been inoculated in accordance with Rule 60 shall be produced as required thereunder and before the first Trial or Race in any case.

v)  The Owner, Trainer or Permit Holder, and/or Kennelhand, shall agree to abide by and submit themselves to the GBGB Rules of Racing and the Owner shall be deemed the registered Owner, the Trainer, or Permit Holder shall be deemed a licensed Trainer, and a Kennelhand shall be deemed a licensed Kennelhand, for the purposes of such Rules, for this Race and related Trial(s).