Rule 1 – General Definitions

Wherever the following terms or abbreviations appear, they shall have the following meanings and effect: i)  The GBGB shall mean The Greyhound Board of Great Britain Limited. The Greyhound Regulatory Board shall mean the Greyhound Regulatory Board of the GBGB. The Stewards shall mean the Disciplinary Committee of the GBGB. References to the GBGB may […]

Rule 2 – Persons subject to Rules

Each Director, occupier, or Authorised Representative of a Racecourse Executive (see Rule 5), and every person who is an Owner, Authorised Agent, Licence holder or the holder of a temporary appointment under Rule 104, or who is a subject of Rule 83(v), or is a registered Sales Agent shall be deemed to have read the […]

Rule 3 – Disciplinary Committee quorum

At any Meeting of the members of the Disciplinary Committee a quorum shall be formed by such number of members of the Disciplinary Committee as the Constitution of the GBGB shall from time to time require to be present to form a quorum at such Meeting.

Rule 4A – GBGB powers and absolution from liability

(See also Rule 160(vi) and Rule 174) i)  The GBGB, acting as appropriate through the Greyhound Regulatory Board or the Disciplinary Committee shall have power; a)  in accordance with advice from the Greyhound Regulatory Board to repeal, amend, suspend or add to the Rules of Racing and shall advertise every such permanent alteration in the […]

Rule 4B – Powers of Stipendiary Stewards

Stipendiary Stewards appointed by the Greyhound Regulatory Board pursuant to Rule 4A (i) (d) shall have the following powers: i)  To inspect and report on all premises licensed by the GBGB on behalf of the Greyhound Regulatory Board pursuant to Rule 6. ii)  To supervise on behalf of the Greyhound Regulatory Board the appointment duties […]