Rule 155B – Preliminary Investigation, urgent decision

i)  Whenever the Local Stewards are not satisfied with the performance of a Greyhound in a Trial or Race or whenever they shall consider any matter within the Rules fit to be inquired into they shall hold a Preliminary Investigation as soon as practicable. If they are not satisfied with the outcome of such Preliminary Investigation then subject to sub-Rule (ii) of this Rule a Local Inquiry shall be held. At a Preliminary Investigation, two Local Stewards shall constitute a quorum.

ii)  If a Preliminary Investigation by the Local Stewards is into whether a Trial or Race should be declared ‘No Trial’ or ‘No Race’ or into any other matter requiring an urgent decision for the purposes of a particular Trial or Race or the conduct of a particular Meeting, the Local Stewards shall consider all available material evidence and reach a decision thereon and implement it as soon as practicable subject to Rule 169 in the case of an Objection. Such decision shall be final for the purposes of such Trial or Race or Meeting. (See also Rule 165).