Rule 111 – Admission to Racing Paddock

i) Only the following persons shall be admitted to the Racing Paddock:

a)  Officials licensed in respect of the Racecourse.

b)  Holders of temporary appointments under Rule 104.

c)  Members of the Disciplinary Committee, the Chief Executive Officer of GBGB, the Director of Regulation, the Manager of Welfare, GBGB Sampling Stewards, GBGB Veterinary Executive, GBGB Regulatory Veterinary Surgeons and GBGB Stipendiary Stewards.

d)  Licensed Trainers and Kennelhands having charge of any Greyhound at the Meeting

e)  Any person specifically authorised to be admitted on a particular occasion by the Racing Manager or the appropriate Members of the Disciplinary Committee or Local Steward and accompanied by a Local Steward throughout.

f)  Registered sales persons and their registered agents at a Sales Trials Meeting.

ii)  Only the following greyhounds shall be admitted to the Racing Paddock:

a)  Those greyhounds due to race or trial at a particular meeting.

b)  For the purposes of registration.

c)  By prior arrangement with the racecourse or racecourse veterinarian.

Greyhounds that require urgent veterinary attention shall not be brought to a racecourse and shall be taken to an appropriate veterinary practice.