Rule 146 – Re-run

A ‘No Trial’ or ‘No Race’ may be re-run at the same Meeting or subsequently subject to Rule 147, Rule 148 and Rule 149 but at least 15 minutes shall have elapsed between declaration of ‘No Trial’ or ‘No Race’ and the re-run.

A ‘No Trial’ or ‘No Race’ where any greyhound has been knocked over or runs out may not be re-run on the same day unless any greyhound that was knocked over or ran out has been withdrawn.

The word ‘re-run’ shall be included in Form Lines on subsequent Racecards, and on published records in respect of such re-run.

If a re-run results in a further ‘No Trial’ or No Race’ such Trial or Race shall be abandoned, except in the case of an eliminating round of any Race, which shall be brought to a conclusion in such manner as the Local Stewards at their discretion shall determine subject to Rule 147 and Rule 149. A Reserve shall not contest a re- run Race unless it was included in the runners for the No Race.