i)  That the relevant application/licence fee has been paid by the applicant;

ii)  That the applicant has submitted a completed, accurate and satisfactory Application Form (in the form found on GBGB’s website from time to time);

iii)  That the UKAS criteria have been and are met;

iv)  That a Betting Premises Licence (in respect of a track) issued under section 164 of the Gambling Act 2005 by the Local Authority has been obtained.

v)  That the Racecourse Executive holder has a licence, lease or freehold interest over the property which is or is proposed to be used as a GBGB Licensed Racecourse that provides the Racecourse Executive with the rights over the use of the property for the purposes of meeting the grant of the Licence, the proposal of the business plan and the period in which a Licence is proposed to be in place;

vi)  That the Racecourse Executive and any other key officers of the business satisfy the Fit and Proper Person test specified by the GBGB;

vii)  That a satisfactory inspection of the Racecourse has been completed by GBGB officials;

viii)  That a reasonable, achievable and financially secure three year business plan is produced to the satisfaction of the GBGB;

ix)  That the welfare of Greyhounds is adequately provided for;

x)  That the licence holder has paid a welfare bond of a size sufficient to meet the GBGB’s assessment of needs of the Racecourse in question should it fail or should licensed activity cease at the Racecourse;

xi)  That the Racecourse Executive and any other key officers of the business can demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the GBGB Rules;

xii)  That any necessary Data Protection consents for use and management of any database have been obtained;

xiii)  That the Racecourse Executive and/or guarantor(s) provide the GBGB with such indemnities as it requires; and

xiv)  That any GBGB Licensed Racecourse and/or Racecourse Executive continues to meet the criteria upon which a License was granted or renewed.