Rule 61 – Report of sickness, injury, etc.

i)  Any case of sickness, lameness or other indisposition of a Greyhound discovered after Kennelling for, or immediately after, a Race or Trial, shall be reported to the Local Stewards without delay. Any other case of indisposition of a Greyhound due to or likely to be due to run shall be reported by the Trainer to the Racing Manager(s) concerned without delay.

ii)  When a greyhound is injured when participating in a race, trial or sales trial the attending Veterinary Surgeon must make a record which the Racecourse Executive must keep at the racecourse, setting out;

a)  the nature of the injury sustained;

b)  either the microchip number or earmark of the Greyhound;

c)  details of any treatment administered to the Greyhound;

d)  the distance of the race, trial or sales trial in which the injury occurred; and

e)  the date of the injury.

iii)  No later than 48 hours after a scheduled race, trial or sales trial meeting the attending Veterinary Surgeon must record the required data on the GBGB Track Injury Database.

iv) Where a ‘First Aid Treatment, Written Direction & Transport Certificate’ (the ‘Certificate’, also known as Transport of Injured Greyhound or ’TIGH’ certificate) is issued by a veterinary surgeon regarding a greyhound, a copy must be sent to the relevant Racing Office promptly and no later than 24 hours after issue. The Racing Office must promptly, and no later than 48 hours after the issue of the Certificate, provide a copy of the Certificate to the stadium’s Stipendiary Steward, the Regional Regulatory Veterinarian and the GBGB Veterinary Executive.

The information referred to in sub-paragraph (ii) must be kept for at least 10 years from the date of the injury.