Rule 15 – Part-Ownership, Syndicates

Any persons who have an interest in, responsibility for and/or benefit from the same Greyhound, except in the case of a Lease or a Syndicate, shall be termed Part- Owners of that Greyhound. No registered Greyhound shall have more than four Part-Owners. The respective interests of Part-Owners in any Greyhound shall be shown on the registration and Change of Ownership forms in respect of that Greyhound unless notice of those interests is given to the GBGB in writing and the GBGB authorises in writing the omission of that information from those forms or either of them.

All Part-Owners shall be jointly and severally responsible for compliance with these Rules, and where action may be taken under these Rules in relation to any Part- Owner or any Greyhound registered in the name of such Part-Owner that action may be taken notwithstanding that it may affect other Part-Owners.

A Syndicate shall be a group of more than 4 persons given a collective name, or a company or business or other body, registered as the Owner of a Greyhound. One person shall be nominated to the GBGB as solely responsible for all matters relating to the Syndicate as an Owner under these Rules, and shall act accordingly.