Rule 113 – Kennelling and weighing procedure

Kennelling procedure for a Trial or Race shall be as follows:

i)  Each Greyhound shall be weighed by a Licensed Official, to the nearest 100 grams. Either immediately prior to being weighed or immediately afterwards, it shall be identified and the greyhound scanned to ensure the presence of an identifiable microchip. The Licensed Official shall, on completion of Kennelling, hand to the Racing Manager a record of the weights and the name(s) of the official(s) responsible for identification at that Meeting under Rule 39.

ii)  At the same time of identification and weighing, a separate specific Racing Kennel shall be allocated without set pattern to each Greyhound, recorded, and explicitly intimated to the Trainer or Kennelhand attending it and to the Paddock Steward supervising the Racing Kennels and such allocation shall not be notified to any unauthorised person. Kennels must be disinfected and dried between use by different greyhounds.

iii)  After identification and weighing the Greyhound shall be inspected by the Veterinary Surgeon, who shall not pass at this time or any other inspection any Greyhound as fit to run which in his/her opinion is unfit to do so, or which has been treated in any way with any substance which in his/her opinion might affects its, or any other Greyhound’s, normal performance.

iv)  After weighing of a Greyhound has been completed it shall not have access to any food, drink or other substance prior to its Race or Trial with the exception of Rule 113 (v).

v)  Immediately after the veterinary inspection, a Greyhound not withdrawn shall be placed in the appropriate Racing Kennel by the Trainer or Kennelhand under the surveillance of the Paddock Steward or other Licensed Official. A minimum quantity of 500ml of water supplied by the Racecourse will be placed in the Racing Kennel at this time and in a vessel supplied by the Trainer. The Kennel shall then be locked and all Kennel keys shall be retained by the Paddock Steward.

vi)  At the Greyhound Regulatory Board’s sole discretion, dispensation from veterinary attendance at Kennelling may be granted provided the following conditions are met:

a)  The Veterinary Surgeon shall be in attendance for Race Meetings and Trials Meetings at least 30 minutes before the first Race or Trial.

b)  All Greyhounds shall be inspected by the Veterinary Surgeon prior to their Race or Trial.

c)  Following the veterinary inspection the Greyhounds shall not be returned to their Kennels but shall be kept in a secure situation.

Any dispensation given shall be reviewed annually. Apart from the dispensation factor, the Rules of Racing, specifically for Kennelling, shall remain unaltered.

Authorised Representatives of Racecourse Executives seeking dispensation shall write to the GBGB Director of Regulation.

vii)  All weighing apparatus must be re-calibrated at least once annually by an accredited person.