Rule 19 – Greyhounds of Owner or Trainer subject of Inquiry

i)  In the event of an Owner or Trainer being the subject of a Preliminary Investigation, Local Inquiry or GRB Inquiry, Greyhound(s) owned by such Owner or the particular Greyhound(s) trained by such Trainer being the subject of the investigation or Inquiry shall be ineligible for registration of Change of Ownership or Lease and may not be removed from the Kennels of the Trainer concerned pending the result of such investigation or Inquiry except with the approval of the Greyhound Regulatory Board or if appropriate the Disciplinary Committee. The Local Stewards shall inform the Owner if any of his/her Greyhound(s) are the subject of any investigation or Local Inquiry.

ii)  The power of the Disciplinary Committee under Rule 160(vii) to suspend the Affected Person pending the outcome of the investigation or Inquiry shall apply.