Rule 139 – Beaten distance, Calculated Time

All details recorded by photo-finish apparatus shall be ascertained therefrom by a Local Steward. Where photo-timing apparatus is used, the distances between Greyhounds shall be calculated from the times thus recorded at the rate of 1 length per 0.08 of a second, except that very small distances may be determined from the image of the greyhounds. Where handtiming or other apparatus is used, which records a time for the apparent first Greyhound in the Order Of Finish only, the distances between Greyhounds shall be ascertained from the photo-finish film, and Calculated Times of the other Greyhounds computed therefrom. For a Handicap Trial or Race, the Calculated Time published for each Greyhound, including the winner, shall be the recorded or Calculated Time as above, with the addition of 0.08 of a second for each metre of Handicap allotment from the Scratch position. Where qualification is determined by times, the times calculated as above shall be those used.